Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

HGS prides itself on understanding disruptive technologies and their application to business processes. To that end, we approach disruptive technologies with an eye toward assessing their impact on business success. Our newest practice in AI/Machine Learning combines years of experience (Dr. Savoie began working with AI in the late 1980s), with the latest innovations (Mr. Pagnis is currently working on AI/Machine Learning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). We believe the application of AI/ML will be critical to future business success. Instead of the “adopt and hope for success” approach taken by many businesses, we help our clients understand what AI/ML can do, and determine where these may be applied in their business processes to increase performance of organizational KPIs. Once application opportunities are identified, we work with the client to develop an implementation plan to quickly achieve the benefits of these new technologies.

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